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Treble Media

Here at Treble Media we tell stories you dont usually get to hear from voices that you’re not used to hearing from. Our business is separated into two aspects:


We are a music and media business; operating a mobile recording studio and we also offer video recording and editing services. We work with businesses, individuals and other creatives to create digital assets(audio video, photos) to boost their online profile.

We also offer services like ebook recordings, social media content development, branding, music workshops and music therapy to name a few.


Alongside this, the second part of our business is that we create projects that inspire, cast a spotlight on social justice issues, and encourage positive social change within our communities.


Our emphasis is on Music and Young people; creating opportunities for disenfranchised communities to tell their own stories.



What We Do.

Treble Media Interventions is the premier destination for brands, labels and clients across the city. We provide a wide range of services from commercial to personal, we create digital assets that allow your business and projects to stand out in the social media space. We specialise in creating tailor made adverts and promotional material that reflect your brand identity and create transformational results! Our services include Video Editing and Production, Sound Engineering, Mixing, and photography. We are also the only studio in your city offering a mobile studio service!. Give us a call today to see how we can help you today.

TMI - You want us in your business!

  • Video editing           

  • mixing and mastering services

  • beats and licensing

  • Ad creation and Brand design

  • voiceovers & jingles

  • music workshops

  • music therapy

  • sound design

  • branding and social media consultations

Music Group


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